Athlete of the Month : Abby McNaughton

Before I started coming to CrossFit Escalate in May of 2017, I was engulfed in high school varsity athletics like basketball, volleyball, track, and rowing.  After my junior year, I discovered that I wasn’t passionate about any of those sports, so I quit them all and went in search for a local CrossFit gym. I was familiar with CrossFit because my mom had been doing it for years and would always talk about it and encourage me to try it out.  Soon after, I found CrossFit Escalate and it was the perfect mix of friendly, competitive and fun so it stuck.  
Half the reason why I love coming in every day is the friendly and supportive atmosphere, which is like no other box that I’ve come across, and the other half is that I love working and pushing myself and others to be better athletes.  I love that I’m at the point where coming in everyday at the 4:15 isn’t a struggle as much as it’s easily one of the best parts of my day.  The close-knit feel of the community here is amazing and the relationships and bonds I’ve made with everyone are priceless.
I’m extremely grateful to Lenny and MaryBeth and the entire CrossFit Escalate community for pushing me to be my best every single day and I’ll miss everyone so much when I go off in the fall to the Penn State CrossFit club!