Escalate Kids-'Challenge Accepted'

Welcome to CrossFit Escalate Kids (CFEK)and thank you for considering us a viable partner in the care and training of your child pursuant to his/her physical fitness journey. We are committed to providing the best possible experience for your growing athlete while hoping to foster in them the beginnings of a lifelong passion for all things health and fitness. CFEK classes are designed to be safe, all-inclusive, exercise classes that teach, encourage, motivate and excite participants of all ages. Classes help athletes learn to develop an appreciation for movement through running, jumping, squatting, climbing, team-building,etc. while offering insight into fostering positive eating habits for fueling their growing bodies.  
  Sessions are conducted in a format similar to those of traditional CrossFit classes led by coaches who have been trained to work specifically with adolescents and young children. Our schedule can be found below as well as class fees and instructor contact information.


Junior CFEK's (5-8 years)    M/W  3:45-4:20PM     Senior CFEK's (9-14 years)   T/TH  3:35-4:20PM or SAT 10:00AM
Non-Gym Member's Child - $135         Gym Member's Child- $110
(8 class punch card)                               (8 class punch card)
Additional Child - $115                       Additional Child- $90
Saturday drop in fee: Non-member  $20                          

Further information can be obtained by contacting Coach Mary Beth at 201-747-2270 or Coach Allison 646-483-4677

Note-Class Schedule/Calendar can be found by clicking on the Photo Release Form Link below


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